• Migraines • Headaches • Jaw Pain • Neck Pain • Ear Pain


    TMJ: A literal pain in the neck

    A painful jaw, aching shoulders, tense neck muscles, and headaches or migraines – ouch! You may blame your pain on:

    • Stress
    • Too much driving
    • Too much time sitting in front of your computer
    • Past injuries.

    Many people dismiss this kind of pain as just a part of modern life. But there could be a different cause. One that can be treated.

    What is TMJ?

    TMJ, a somewhat confusing term often used to describe a malfunctioning temporomanbibular joint, could be at the root of your painful symptoms. When you have an unbalanced bite, your jaws and jaw muscles fight each other to compensate.

    Until your teeth fit together in a way that’s comfortable for both, their tug of war battle will only result in painful strained muscles, impacted nerves and painful TMJ symptoms.

    Take a closer look at how TMJ affects you.

    The solution is dentistry

    Trained in neuromuscular dentistry, Dr. Michael Westman has the tools and therapies to treat your TMJ in Racine, Kenosha, Oak Creek, and Milwaukee.

    By bringing balance back to your bite using:

    • Veneers
    • Crowns
    • Bridges
    • Implants
    • Orthotics
    • Orthodontics

    Dr. Westman can bring balance back to your bite. He uses state-of-the-art electronic instruments such as CT scans and K-7 computerized tracking, and the non-invasive corrective treatments listed above to eliminate your TMJ pain and symptoms.

    Once harmony and balance have been restored to your teeth and your jaw, your painful TMJ symptoms can become a thing of the past.

  • Sleep Deprivation • Snoring • Sleep Apnea • CPAP


    Unhealthy sleep harms your health

    A life without adequate sleep is a life without good health. Sleep deprivation is not just a tiresome frustration. It can:

    • Strain your relationships
    • Impact your performance at work
    • Cause accidents
    • Harm your heart.

    Over time, lack of sleep can increase your risk of developing arthritis or diabetes because it disrupts your body’s hormonal balance.

    What’s stealing your sleep?

    Snoring and sleep apnea are common sleep disorders that can rob you of the rest you need to enjoy your life and remain in good health. Sneaking in while you sleep, snoring and sleep apnea often go unnoticed. Some sleep loss symptoms to watch out for are:

    • Close calls on the road and poor performance at work
    • Relationship problems
    • Weight gain
    • Depression

    The solution is dentistry

    There are some simple things you can do to help bring healthy sleep back to your life.

    • Lose weight: Excess weight adds bulk to your throat tissues.
    • Hit the sack before you’re overtired. Going to bed exhausted causes your throat muscles to become so relaxed they block your airway.
    • Change your sleeping position: You snore more when you sleep on your back.
    • Quit smoking
    • Get regular exercise
    • Avoid alcohol, caffeine and heavy meals near bedtime.

    However, if you have moderate to severe sleep apnea, you’ll probably need a little help. Dr. Michael Westman can treat your sleep disorder with a simple snoring device or CPAP alternative in Racine, Kenosha, Oak Creek, and Milwaukee.